Serious complications may occur in any surgery, up to and including death. Examples of serious or life-threatening complications, which may require prolonged and/or unexpected hospitalization and/or reoperation, include but are not limited to, one or more of the following: injury to tissues/organs, bleeding, infection and internal scarring that can cause long-lasting dysfunction/pain. Risks of surgery also include the potential for equipment failure and/or human error. Individual surgical results may vary. In many cases, the risks of surgery extend beyond the operating room, and responsibility will be required by the patient. It is important to follow postoperative guidelines to reduce the risks.

Risks that are specific to minimally invasive surgery include but are not limited to, one or more of the following: temporary pain/nerve injury; temporary pain/discomfort from the use of air or gas in the procedure; a longer operation and time under anesthesia and conversion to another surgical technique. If your doctor needs to convert the surgery to another surgical technique, this could result in a longer operative time, additional time under anesthesia, additional or larger incisions and/or increased complications.

Patients should review all available information with their doctor(s) on non-surgical and surgical options in order to make an informed decision. Safety information, including surgical risks, indications, considerations and contraindications should be considered. Patients should also be aware that medical procedures may leave permanent scarring.

Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of the surgery and discharge from the facility are not included in pricing quotes.

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